Mental Health Awareness

Anxiety Depression Social anxiety Hypochondria Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia OCD Postanat Depression PTSD ANOREXIA BULIMIA Many Many More You name it If you have ever suffered from a mental health disorder you know what it feels like to have a constant battle with your mind. Look after yourself, have […]

Blurry Morning

Woke up with a porridgy and blurry mind? Do you feel like you can’t face the day? It’s just your tired mind sending you signals that you must do something to unload the cargo consisting of worries and problems. You need to make some space for new arrivals. […]

Demanding Innocence?

Violence and intrusion A Moment of Confusion This is the moment i feared My Cry that you cannot hear   A hold you had on me A firm and fearful grasp You coward behind me Beneath your dark, black mask   The others you saw They wanted to […]