Dear P

Dear P,

I never thought I would experience unique love which derives from motherhood. It’s a different kind of love and is exclusively available in the Universe. We are all part of of it, creating a wholesome mosaic which consists of miniature elements.

I belong to a highly sensitive, empathetic and extremely receptive group of creatures on this Earth who cannot decide if it’s a curse or a gift to be very perceptive to feelings, sounds, smells and surroundings. My imagination runs high helping me with creativity, my anxiety often kills me with exhaustion of constant worries and my heart breaks into milion tiny pieces seeing others suffering. I mould, shape and live my life the best I can. It has been enriched by you. You are a hard work Munchkin but I would do everything to make you smile. When you had your injections, I cried with you, the nurse probably thought I was another hormonally distressed mother but I cried because you were in pain and I couldn’t stop it even though it was for your own good.

I may not be perfect and I’m a simple person but I intend to teach you empathy. I vow to show you music, nature and the Universe from my own perspective. You may not be interested in it at all but I believe experiencing it during your childhood will be a treasure in your adult life.

I want to teach you to embrace your body & mind. I would like you to be able to treat it as a temple and look after it dearly. I want you to remember that there is no other human being like you. You are the most unique, the most impressive and the most amazing copy of yourself.

I will always love you, support you and protect you no matter what because motherly love never dies.



My Hero

All I want to do

Is make you proud

Shout it aloud

You’re my hero

Without you I feel like a zero

So please

Do not leave

Do not go

I am stuck in this world

With only your steps to follow

Al I want to do

Is Make you Proud

You’re my hero

Without you I feel like no one


Travelling From Manic

To Numb

So Please

Don’t Leave

Don’t Go

All I want to do

All I want

All I want

Is To Make you proud

Reality Vs Expectations

Reality vs expectations pose a big dilemma…. surely something to think about.

Do we love the world we live in? Or we’d rather escape in to the land of eternal madness. I must admit, I’d love the other option to be available because I don’t understand this world anymore. I’m not the first or the last person to admit the fact that the mental health ignorance, injustice, violence, and political games disgust me. It makes us put different masks on in order to thrive and survive among sharks in this world. I truly admire musicians who spread the message about the reality of the world through their music without carefully threading words.


System of Down


Controversial, full of feelings, anger and emotions lyrics are often questioned by others who wrongly interpret them because how wrong is to speak up the truth or criticise precisely sculpured modern society.

What makes me angry is that our loveable media PRETENDS to care and talk about mental health, bullying, suicide and other related issues. Our healthcare system is poorly designed to tailor the help to the needs of an affected person. A person is not looked at from the perspective of an individual but is categorised based on the completed assesment. While I understand that it might be efficient and money saving strategy it’s not helpful at all. As a tax payer who contributes to the healthcare system every single month I have every right to demand some significant improvement. For example, if someone suffers from anxiety for years, has had therapy, has read many self help books and is currently experiencing stress symptoms related to a life changing event sending them to a ‘ Stress Managing Workshop’ will not help them. It won’t be effective because the workshop covers the basics, it’s an introduction to the mental health management of which that person is blissfully aware from a long, long time. FAILURE.

Blaming social media for an increase in suicides among teenagers… Social media provides a platform for freedom of speech and self- expression. The accurate question here would be directed to the affected by tragedy family – Where had you all been when your relative was battling mental health issues? If the social media was censored do you really think that the suicide wouldn’t occur? It would! The social media is not the one here to blame…. but your pure ignorance, lack of understanding and living in the pure oblivion. Harsh but true.

My advice would be to pay attention to the behaviour of your loved ones and act on it if you spot any change. Don’t take the answer – ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m going to be ok’ for granted because it means nothing, it might be alright but it may also mean a deep layer of suffering and solitude which resides underneath this light topping.


What to do if you are worried about someone?