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How to support a depressed partner while maintaining your own mental health – Guardian 10/07/17

It is so important to maintain your own mental health whilst caring for another. This article by Poorna Bell demonstrates that.


How one woman beat her mental illness by helping others – BBC 20/03/17

Not all mental health stories are doom and gloom. Its nice to see stories where people take ownership of their health and bring positives to others from it. An inspirational figure nonetheless.


Suicide and Silence  – Guardian 15/08/14

An old article but a very relevant one. Reflects how much men live in silence rather than talk to someone all because of the stigma surrounding mental health. This one paragraph stands out to me more than anything:

“A cursory look at the statistics in Britain suggests it is dearly needed. Suicide is the biggest killer of men between 20 and 49, eclipsing road accidents, cancer and coronary heart disease. It is also predominantly a male disorder. Of the 5,981 suicides in 2012, an astonishing 4,590 (76%) were men. And yet while Britain has high-profile campaigns on, say, testicular cancer or driving safely, the biggest killer of men under 50 is not getting the attention it deserves.”


Men Much Less Likely To Seek Mental Health Help Than Women – Guardian 5/11/16

I spoke about this in my book. About my own reasons for not being very open initially with my mental help. There are many reasons why people do not seek help but for men i do believe the stigma and their own masculinity hits them hardest. We are all human and men need to understand that we may be physically different to women but we are hardwired the same and need to ask for support.


When Does Your Mental Health Become a Problem – BBC

The highlight of the article to me is the thoughts that depression and anxiety can be managed through medication alone which stems people to believe they are broken. This is not the case and is a short term solution to a greater issue.


Charity to build Europe’s largest mental health facility for young people in Northampton – St. Andrews Healthcare 6/08/15

“St Andrew’s, the UK’s leading charity providing specialist NHS care, has received planning approval to construct a new residential building for young people with mental illness, autism and learning difficulties in Northampton”